Credit Transfer

Course credits earned at other accredited educational institutions may be accepted as partial fulfilment of the programme requirement in SBC with the approval of the academic dean and department head. Each school and department will decide the core courses that are acceptable for credit transfer.


  • The courses are relevant to the applied programme and are completed at a recognised institution or institution with accreditation from ATS (Association of Theological Schools), ATA (Asia Theological Association) and ATESEA (Association for Theological Education in South East Asia).
  • A transcript showing satisfactory course completion with a minimum B grade and is not taken more than 5 years before the application to any SBC programme.
  • Placement exams may be used to assess the level of competency (as and when required by the respective schools).


  • Potential applicants must submit the request for credit transfer during the process of programme application. The College will not process any request for credit transfer if the applicant had already accepted the terms and conditions indicated in the Letter of Acceptance via the Confirmation slip.
  • Submit request for credit transfer in writing to the Registrar's Office together with all relevant supporting documents and the application package.
  • Enclose supporting documents with the request including an official transcript, course syllabus, course description and grading system from the applicant's institution (if not from SBC).


  • The maximum number of approved transfer credits may not exceed 12 credits and may not be more than one-third of the total credits of the applied programme.?
  • Immigration laws require full-time international students to fulfil the minimum of 15 credit hours per semester regardless the number of credits accepted for transfer.